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Back to School Update
Welcome Back to the 2022-2023 School Year!

A few notes/updates:
  1. We will be sending out a weekly update every Sunday. It will be a little different this year and will be an attached PDF document
  2. A few Rules Updates:
    1. Students who have cell phones....all cell phones need to be in the pockets on the walls during class time.
    2. Teachers should be addressed but their sir names (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.)
    3. There is new furniture in the HS Commons. Please continue to keep it looking new, so we can continue to get more.
    4. Students need to continue to follow technology guidelines
  3. If you missed the 7-12 presentations yesterday, they are attached below.
  4. ONLY Grades 7-12 start on Tuesday, September 6....all other grades start on September 7 and have conferences on Tuesday.
  5. If you have not signed up for a K-6 Conferences on Tuesday, please click on the link below:
7th & 8th Grade Back to School Presentation

9th and 10th Grade Back to School Presentation

11th and 12 Grade Back to School Presentation
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