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Spring Sports Announcements
Spring Sports Announcements 

A reminder that the baseball and softball student/parent meetings will be held March 6 at 6:30 pm at Kingsland High School. 

Track and golf student/parent meetings will be held March 8 at 5:00 in the dome gym in Grand Meadow. 

The GMLOKS baseball team is still looking for a coach(es) for the junior high teams.  If you are interested, please contact Gary Sloan for more information.  

The following people will be coaching Spring sports this season. 

Head Baseball                  Eric Mundfrom                                   

JV Baseball                       Erik Bicknese                                       

JH Baseball                       ???????? 

Head Softball                   Mark Eickhoff                                      

JV Softball                         Allison Oian                                         

JH Softball                        Missy and Morgan Langeslag           

Head Golf                         Craig Knight                                         

Assistant Golf                   Jeremi Glynn                                       

Head Boys Track              Rebecca Young                                   

Head Girls Track              Aaron Thauwald                                 

Asst Track                         Jim Hubka                                                                                        

Asst Track                         Lisa Glynn                                            

Asst Track                         Maggie May                                        

Asst Track                         TJ McBryde                                          


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