Ms. Baudoin's Physical Education Webpage

Welcome Back!
The 2021-2022 School Year will be a Great Superlark Year!

  I have been teaching here at Grand Meadow Schools for several years.   I started coaching Girls Basketball in 1984 and began my teaching career here a few years after that.    I have been a SUPERLARK from the beginning of my first school days, graduating from Grand Meadow High School, and returning to Grand Meadow after graduating from St. Cloud State University with a Teaching degree.

This year I will be teaching the following Elementary Physical Education Classes.  Kindergarten, First Grades, Second Grades,  Third Grades  and Fourth Grades.    I also teach Developmental/Adapted Physical Education to Pre-12th Grade students.

I have one son Nicholas and his wife Karla who live in Minneapolis.  I am a very proud Grandmother of 2.  Julian is 2 years old and I was blessed with a granddaughter Marguax this past year, who is 3 months old.  I spent several wonderful days this past summer with these 2 and  enjoyed every minute of it.  
In my free time I enjoy the outdoors, whether it's biking, walking, or just plain enjoying the weather, no matter what season we are in.   I enjoy working out and continue to work on my own personal physical, social and emotional health, and find this is tougher as we all do get older;  so this  is a continuous journey.

I love teaching the students here at Grand Meadow and sharing my commitment to physical, social and emotional health.   Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns and lets have a great school year.


Contact: Dawn Baudoin