Dear Parent/Guardian:

Physical Activity for children is important. We have therefore implemented a walking/running program called the Grand Meadow Mileage Club. This is the 10th  year of the program. We have had a lot of success by the responses of our students and parents.

The Mileage Club provides opportunities for children, grades K to 6, to walk/run for fitness. The mileage club is being held during recess on weather appropriate days. It also is incorporated during times that the classroom teacher may take their students outside, as well as during PE occasionally.

Your child needs no special equipment or shoes other than their tennis shoes. Simply the child should dress appropriately for the weather. Each child is free to walk/run as little or as much as he/she desires in the designated area. We have encouraged them to run each day, but now that the program is up and running we are letting them make the decision when to take part. The Grand Meadow Mileage club is non-competitive.

Awards will be given. For the first mile achieved the student receives a foot token, and every 5th mile after that they receive a foot token and various other awards. 

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions about the program; please feel free to contact me at or 507-754-5310 ext. 7754

Ms. Baudoin